Gundam U.C. ENGAGE – How to improve your chances for Great Success in Research

Research lets you passively earn MS and pilot XP mats that allow you to level up your Mobile Suits and pilots respectively. If you pay attention to the interface, you’re supposed to “research” Mobile Suits from the same “Record” to improve your chances of Great Success (such that you can get more/better mats). The indicator is the number of Haro’s on the top right, the more Haro’s displayed the higher your chances of Great Success.

For two Haro’s, you just need to bring any 4 units from the same Record and then you’re done (rarity doesn’t matter). The requirement for three Haro’s is bringing 6 Mobile Suits from the same Record with combined level of 300 or above. You can easily set this up by using the filter.

The investment for being able to get three Haro’s is quite high, but it does improve your chances of getting more mats so in the long run it helps.

EDIT 12/16: It’s been confirmed by @gohan_channel that you actually need a total level of 306 for MS in the same Record in order to get 3 Haros. Don’t ask why it’s 306, it’s such a weird number 🙂 You can check out her video for more info!

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