Gundam U.C. ENGAGE – Challenge Battle (Thunderbolt)

I was going to do voice over for this video but got pretty busy and a week has already passed. I figure I’d just upload it as is instead such that at least people can see what the event is like.

I basically cleared missions 1-19 with one team and then used another team for 20 and EXTRA with the help of friend’s support (Nu Gundam). It was not a “challenge” at all and I feel cheated that the game devs recommended we train units from Thunderbolt and sniper type… like what “advantage” does it actually get you by using R units? LOL

Anyways, later today they will release the new Battle Rush with red boss which I am totally not ready for since I don’t have many highly trained Blue UR MS, but hopefully I can still clear everything may just take me a couple of days. Stay tuned for that video!

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